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The Goddess Circle as a healing path

This blog entry was written by Muriel Murphy, who is teaching and facilitating Goddess & Yoga Retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica. Muriel is an experienced body worker and teacher, and has observed, practiced and integrated Goddess Ritual into her life for over 15 years. Her next upcoming Retreat will be April 16-23, 2011.

~The Goddess Circle as a healing path~

The earth-based tradition of the Goddess Circle is physically when a group of women sit in a circle around an altar of candles forming a circle.

The spiral dance and natural essence of the cycle of life begins to reveal itself, simply by the act of forming a circle.

First, we look at acknowledging the elements and directions of Earth (North), Air (East), Fire (South) and Water (West) and how they pertain to the cycles of our lives, Air-East-Springtime is our Birth, Summer-South-Fire is the Maiden, Autumn-West-Water is the Mother and Winter-North-Earth is the Crone. Plus, there is an energy that each woman can relate to as a memory or thought about how we feel during these times in our lives. We are given the opportunity have an audience of the other women hearing our story and us hearing them in the safety of the circle. There is a feeling of connectedness and magic that comes from hearing your own story within another woman’s story. And, to know that we are not separate, but always ONE!

These are ancient gifts that women have given to each other for centuries.

We are embodying the Return of the Divine Feminine as we show up, to sit in circle, and share our hearts desires, for each other and ourselves.

It is truly an honor and blessing to share these traditional gifts with you.

From my heart to yours~*~

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