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  • Discover the health benefits of fruits such as starfruit during your Inward Bound stay
  • A nutrient-rich fruit, papaya is a healthy food you'll enjoy at Inward Bound
  • Meditation cymbals create a soothing sound to create the proper mood for meditation
  • Costa Rica's natural setting provides a soothing backdrop to your retreat.
  • Add surfing lessons to your yoga retreat!
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Yoga, Food, Awareness

There are several BIG announcements.

First, I have brought on a partner. A lovely woman named Quen Koetter has joined me at the helm of Inward Bound. Quen is smart, funny, beautiful (inside and out) and as committed as I am to truth-seeking (did I mention she’s a Virgo?) and has a sexy accent. Simply put, if you don’t know her already, you have to meet (and will therefore love) Quen!

Second, we have a ‘new’ brand identity and a redesigned website that we are quite excited to announce. Our new direction, logo, strap line and overall feel is a direct reflection of the thoughtful combination of our heartfelt, core passions: yoga + food + awareness.

*We reflected and reviewed – and decided that it is our mission to transform the yoga vacation into an intentional, life-altering retreat.* And at the crux of it all: It is our intention is to create space and provide tools for subtle yet radical transformation.

During this re-branding process, I like to call it our Inward Bound “revitalization party” (time to trim the fat and get real about what we really want to do and share, people!) Quen and I talked for days about what matters to us and what we know to be true in our own lives. It was powerful. In our experience, we have seen raw and healing foods drastically change people’s health – and change/save lives. We’ve witnessed and experienced the profound effects of an inspired, dedicated teacher and a committed practice, and we’ve felt how increased awareness can expand your life. So, imagine integrating these three fundamentals in a consistent, balanced way? With this approach it is possible, or rather, highly probable, to experience more vibrancy, clarity, purpose and connection to source.

With this in mind, our retreat weeks have been crafted to include and thoughtfully combine the practices of yoga (or some type of mind-body movement), food (conscious consumption and/or holistic nutrition) and awareness (satsang, meditation and inquiry). Depending on the retreat, the emphasis might be more concentrated on one of these aspects, but our chief aim is to bring these three fundamentals to all of our programs. So, whether you are choosing a Cleanse or Goddess Retreat week or an Anusara Immersion or Training, you will explore this three tiered approach and find a more balanced, energy-giving way to be in and experience your daily life. Because guess what dear people? …we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. In other words, we are directly responsible/accountable for our lives and what we’re experiencing. And we are what we consume – literally via the food we eat, and also on the mental, emotional and energetic fields (we all know how draining a negative person or bad news, etc can be.)

Please have a look, and hopefully take a tour, through our new site and menu and let us know your thoughts. And, if you’re a social media maven, please join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (we promise not to tweet bathroom or too many kombucha tea breaks – only the good stuff!) We will also be happily working with bay bird inc pr to help spread the love.

In vibrant wellness,

Lastly, and on a more personal note, I had a beautiful baby girl in September and she has busted my heart wide open! My birthing experience, and motherhood, has really made me reevaluate my choices on all levels and even more deeply commit to living as healthfully as possible – for myself, my family and our planet.
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